Uhren Exclusiv 2018 book

written by YWH team 12 September 2017
Uhren Exclusiv 2018 book
Quick specs Uhren Exclusiv 2018 book
Price: starting at € 19,90 | approx. $ 24 | approx. £ 18.50
Size: 488 pages
Article number: UE102018
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It seems a bit early to publish a book about watches from 2018 when it’s only August 2017. There is a risk that new watches to be introduced the coming months will not be in the book. Still, Uhren Exclusiv 2018 from the Austrian publisher Schick Verlag offers a complete and detailed overview of all new watches on the market.

In total 2,600 watches, with prices from 100 to 1 million, are covered. Each watch comes with technical details, pricing and an estimation of how the value will develop over time. In total there are 488 pages with 4,444 photos.

Warning: Uhren Exclusiv 2018 is not available in English

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From the main brands, the whole portfolio is presented, smaller brands get some space for their latest models. Furthermore, auction highlights from 2017 are presented and there are some shorts stories on hidden gems.

Uhren Exclusiv 2018 is not something you are going to read before sleep, but it is a very nice summery of new watches on the market. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. When it rains. Compared to the price of this book, this is a bargain.

One side note: Uhren Exclusiv 2018 is only available in the German language. Now for the specs of the watches, that’s okay. If you are not German speaking only the short stories might be Greek to you. And all prices are in euros.

If you missed previous editions, these are still available too. In German.


technical data Uhren Exclusiv 2018 book
Article number:
Softcover | 488 pages | 4,444 illustrations
Price Uhren Exclusiv 2018 book:
Starting at € 19,90 | approx. $ 24 | approx. £ 18.50
(all excluding shipment costs)

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