History of Vacheron Constantin

written by YWH team 1 January 2016
History of Vacheron Constantin

History of Vacheron Constantin
Founded: 1755
Founding place: Geneva, Switzerland
Founded by: Jean-Marc Vacheron and François Constantin
Current headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Owned by: Richemont Group
Official name: Vacheron Constantin SA

The history of Vacheron Constantin starts in the 18th century. ‘Vacheron Constantin’ was founded in 1755. In that year Jean-Marc Vacheron (1731–1805), a master watchmaker, started his business in Geneva. At that time his watches bore the name “Jean-Marc Vacheron”.  In 1770, he created the first complication, in 1779 he designed the first engine-turned dials.

It was in 1785 that Jean-Marc Vacheron’s son Abraham took over the family business. In 1810 the grandson of founder Jean-Marc, Jacques-Barthélemy Vacheron, becomes the head of the company.

Later, in 1819, when his business becomes bigger, François Constantin was brought on as an associate and the name changes to Vacheron & Constantin. Nowadays VC claims to be the oldest watch company in the world with an uninterrupted history. Vacheron Constantin is owned by the Richemont Group.

The history of Vacheron Constantin:

1731 – Birth of Jean-Marc Vacheron
1755 – Jean-Marc Vacheron starts his company
1770 – Creation of his first complication
1779 – Designed the first engine-turned dials
1785 – Son Abraham takes over the family business
1810 – Grandson Jacques-Barthélemy becomes the head of the company
1819 – François Constantin was brought on as an associate
1819 – Official name changes to Vacheron Constantin
1877 – Names changes to Vacheron & Constantin, Fabricants, Geneve
1880 – Start of using the Maltese cross as its symbol
1887 – Reorganized into a stock company
1906 – Opened their first boutique (on  Quai de l’Ile, Geneva)
1936 – Charles Constantin becomes the head of the company
1996 – The Richemont Group buys the company
2003 – Start of producing watches for women

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