MB&F HM11 Architect

written by YWH team 23 November 2023
MB&F HM11 Architect

Quick specs MB&F HM11 Architect
Price: € 207.000 | CHF 198’000 | $ 230,000 | approx. £ 179,000
Size: 42 mm
Reference: 11.TL.BL-C (blue dial) | 11.TL.RG-C (red gold dial) – limited to 25 pieces each

MB&F, known for producing extraordinary watches, once again presents another amazing timepiece, the MB&F HM11 Architect. It is a design inspired by a blend of watchmaking and architecture from the 1960s. The well-known Swiss architect Le Corbusier once said that a house is a machine to live in, and that inspired the brand’s founder Maximilian Büsser to create this time piece. As it is also inspired by a house. Far-sighted? For sure, but every watch needs a good story, right?

This HM11 Architect is made of grade 5 titanium and measures 42 millimeters, with a thickness of 23 millimeters. There are two versions. One features a blue dial plate and the other has a red gold dial plate. Each limited to 25 pieces. And the structure is based on a house. If you turn the watch, you can see different “rooms”. These rooms rotate on the foundation and the central room. You can have one of the rooms facing towards you, and each one has its own function. In watch-speak: it has four dials on the side of the watch.

The MB&F HM11 Architect has a power reserve of 96 hours

One is for the main time with hours and minutes. The hands are red-tipped and the indexes are mounted on a sort of light orbs. The next dial shows the power reserve indicator, with five orbs from big to small marking the power reserve. Then there is thermometer, without any external energy input, and capable of showing the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. With a scale from -20 to 60° Celsius, or 0 to 140° Fahrenheit. Finally, the dial has… nothing but a tiny round badge engraved with the MB&F battle-axe motif logo.

On top, and in the middle is the in-house three-dimensional horological engine, the movement. Which is connected to a flying tourbillon. It delivers a power reserve of 96 hours and can be partly admired through all the sapphire parts. The MB&F HM11 Architect comes on a white rubber strap (blue model) or khaki green rubber strap (red gold model). Both secured with a titanium folding buckle and titanium folding.

Technical data MB&F HM11 Architect
11.TL.BL-C (blue PVD treatment) | 11.TL.RG-C (red gold PVD treatment) – limited to 25 pieces each
3D horological movement designed for MB&F | Hand-wound (by turning the case) | Frequency: 18,000 (2.5 Hz) Components: 364 | Jewels: 29 | Two balance wheels | Hours, minutes, power reserve indication, temperature indication, tourbillon | Power reserve: 96 hours
Case and dial:
42 mm | Grade 5 titanium | Thickness: 23 mm | Sapphire crystals on top, back, and on each chamber-display, treated with anti-reflective coating on both faces | Blue or red gold dial plate | Sapphire crown | Sapphire case back | Water resistance: 2 ATM / 2 bar / 20 meters / 68 feet
White rubber strap for the blue model | Khaki green rubber strap for the red gold model | Titanium folding buckle
Price MB&F HM11 Architect:
€ 207.000 | CHF 198’000 | $ 230,000 | approx. £ 179,000

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