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written by YWH team 3 August 2017
owner of DuBois et Fils

To be honest, this article is about how you can be a owner of DuBois et Fils. As the brand is owned by Thomas Steinemann. DuBois et Fils is one of the oldest watch brands in the world, dating from 1751. In 2010 Steinemann, who is a dedicated watch manager and collector according to the DuBois website, became the new owner of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. You might say he just followed his dream. And instead of fully financing the company with his own money or from some bank, he believes in crowdfunding.

In 2012 Steinemann raised 1.5 million Swiss francs from nearly 600 new shareholders. Today there are more than 870 watch lovers from 31 countries in the world who are part of the DuBois et Fils family. Together they own about 34% of the company, Steinemann has 66%. And now it is your chance to step-in as well. You can be shareholder of the oldest Swiss watch factory in the world. With your investment new collections can be developed and a special deal can be financed.

Some models of the current DuBois et Fils collection

The offers to become an owner of DuBois et Fils

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If you want to become a shareholder and owner of DuBois et Fils all you have to do is invest some money. The whole company is divided into 650,000 shares. These are the options, in total there are 99 packages:

Invest CHF 500 (approx. $ 515 / € 435 / £ 390)

For this amount, you will get 25 registered shares of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA with a par value of CHF 1.00 each. The total share price (or issue price) is CHF 500 which is CHF 20.00 per share. In return, you will get a voucher with 20% discount for 1 DuBois et fils watch valid until December 31, 2017 including a 5-year warranty and watch service in 2022. If you choose this option, you will have 25 out of 650,000 shares which makes you 0.0038% owner.

Invest CHF 2’000 (approx. $ 2,065 / € 1.745 / £ 1,560)

You get 100 registered shares of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA with the same par value and the same issue price as the option above. Furthermore, you will get a voucher of 40% discount for 1 DuBois et fils watch until 31.12.2017 and a voucher of 30% discount for 1 DuBois et fils watch until 31.12.2018. With 100 shares you are 0.0154% owner.

Invest CHF 6’000 (approx. $ 6,190 / € 5.230 / £ 4,680)

This is even more serious as you get 300 registered shares with the same par value and the same issue price. Your shareholders benefit will be 3 vouchers of 30% discount. Each is for 1 DuBois et fils watch, valid to 2021. Besides that, you will get a free Diamond Club membership with additional benefits. And you will be 0.046% owner of DuBois et Fils.

What more do you get?

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These discounts kind of motivates you to buy a DuBois watch, so in the end you are not only shareholder of one of the oldest Swiss watch brands but also an ambassador. Which is far more cheaper for the brand than contracting a tennis player, Formula 1 team, soccer league or whatever to push the brand forward. Apart from the discounts you will be invited to the Annual General Meeting once a year. Also, you will get a portion of the company’s profits, if there are any. And if the majority of shareholders decides to pay out dividends.

There is one more important thing. DuBois et Fils found a Swiss movement collector. This man bought 275,000 (really) Swiss mechanical movements over the last 40 years. Left-overs, old stock, but in very good condition. These movements have become vintage nowadays. The unknown man is over 70 years old now and he was looking for someone who is willing to continue his work and wants to use his legacy in the right way. Therefor DuBois concluded a contract to become the owner of this treasure. In steps totally taking 5 years DuBois will buy all the movements and use them in new collections. A great initiative: the vintage collection of movements will live on in new models from one of the oldest Swiss watch brands.

More models of the current DuBois et Fils collection

Should you do it?

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Well, all we wrote above is not to motivate you to buy shares and become owner of DuBois et Fils. As this is not a commercial. DuBois shares their 2016 Financials for anyone who is interested in buying a very small part of the company. Our financial experts made some analyses of DuBois’ figures and gave their opinion. Mr Marnix Messersmid, expert in company valuations at the Dutch M&A boutique Kruger Corporate Finance:

“From a (financial) theoretical point of view, the decision to invest in DuBois et Fils is based on expected returns. The returns are determined by the risk profile of the company. Higher risk means higher desired returns. And thus a lower company value. What is the risk profile of Dubois? Hard to assess without a complete view on the company. So we are focusing on what we have: the financials of 2016.”

“What we see is a significant decline in turnover in 2016 and 2 subsequent years of loss in 2015 en 2016. Which increases the risk profile of the company. And what happened with the first crowdfund raise in 2012? Those shareholders are not quite spoiled with blasting returns. Although there is no dilution of their shares due to the current crowd fund raise. They don’t have any influence as a co-owner of DuBois et Fils as the majority of shares is in the hands of the CEO, Mr Steinemann, the decision maker.”

Believe vs performance

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“Your investment decision should be based on your believe in DuBois’ future. Not based on their current performance, but based on your trust in Mr Steinemann, his plans, i.e. the unique vintage movements and a more than 250-year old iconic brand. My advice: don’t invest your entire pension capital in DuBois et Fils. Do invest if you are a passionate authentic watch lover and you’re bored with casino’s.”

So, now you know. It is up to you. All we know is this: the idea of owning a part of a famous Swiss watch brand is almost priceless. No matter what, this might tickle your brain. Think about having ‘co-owner of DuBois et Fils’ on your resume. We. Like. If you are interested, contact them via their website here.

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